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Table Top Revolving Stand for Magazines

Table Top Revolving Stand for Magazines

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Table Top Revolving Stand for Magazines

Table top Revolving stand for magazines is unique product to display in all type of retail stores, banks, schools, colleges, educational institute, exhibitions, events, corporate offices etc..

Revolving stand is easy and economical way of displaying magazines and merchandise in your store.

Revolving stand is a lightweight, durable fixture, constructed of 10mm thickness rod and 4mm wire pockets from all 4 sides.

Wire tray (book holder) are revolving type comes with bearing fittings for smooth rotation.

Total height of the stands is 13” and comes with 4 nos. of wire tray in one ring.

Table Top Revolving stand is use to display magazines of A4 size.

On top of the Revolving stand we provide branding provision so that you can put signage, company logo, images or products description on it.

Revolving stand is dismantle type and available in variety of colors & finishes.